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Tambaba Bay


Most successful investors and investment commentators will always recommend people hold land assets as part of an effective investment portfolio. Finding land is the easy part. Finding the right land is more of a challenge.

Despite the allure of faster growth than traditional property and completed real estate, as well as many millionaires making a significant portion of their wealth from land investment, there are some important factors to consider when making the right choice. These become even more important when looking to capitalise on the astonishing emerging market growth of Brazil.

  • Have a Brazilian exit market
  • Use an International/local lawyer
  • Choose the right development
  • Buy with FULL planning permission
  • Buy in the right location (not just near a beach)
  • Ensure you hold the Freehold Title Deeds
  • Ensure the project is under construction

    With 85% of the population living within 20 miles of Brazil’s 5000 miles of beach, and a land mass the size of Europe, the importance of making an informed strategic decision to purchase the right land in Brazil is critical to success. Brazil offers prospective growth in land far beyond any other country within the developed world at this point in time and Tambaba Country Club Resort is one of the best opportunities within the north east of Brazil to acquire land safely and profitably.

    Tambaba Country Club Resort offers you full freehold title to your investment from the moment your purchase is complete. In addition to this, Tambaba Country Club Resort is under construction, with full planning and licences in place. Tambaba is highly recognised throughout the whole of Brazil as a tourist destination, demonstrated by our significant sales to date to Brazilian nationals . There is a considerable local demand for land here demonstrating a clear and healthy route to exit . The developer is also partnered with one of Brazil’s leading lawyers as well as a leading international property law firm, both having completed very thorough due diligence on the resort on behalf of our customers.